Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BJ BIKES has moved to Toronto!

So I have just recently moved to Toronto, ON Canada! Thanks to everyone in NYC that made BJ Bikes so much fun!

Now I'm looking for people in Toronto to help out and see what I can do for you. I'm offering bike servicing including full tune ups, cleanings, brake and/or gear adjustments, flat fixes and tire swaps, and pretty much anything else your bike is doing that it shouldnt be doing!

I can also do modifications. If you have an old 10speed and you want to try out a single speed or even a fixed gear, I can do the conversion. If you have new parts (derailleurs, brakes, shifters, etc) that you want to upgrade, no problem!

I can come to you (depending on the work needed), you can drop your bike off with me (either in Roncesvalles or Bathurst and St. Clair) or I can pick it up and drop it back off. I'm excited to help everyone out and show you want will be done and then what has been done!

Thanks and keep riding!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Schwinn Sierra Single Speed

Good day to you, NYC Bikers. Just wanted to put up some new photos for your viewing pleasure. I bought this frame for my girlfriend and it is now complete but haven't had good weather to take good photos of it yet. Its an older Schwinn Sierra Mountain bike frame, all chrome (HOT!). I put on my FAVORITE Brooks saddle and some riser bars with blue Oury grips. The wheelset I was sent was white and we wanted blue (hence the blue grips). But we were both excited to get her bike up and running so I put the white ones on while we're waiting for the blue ones. I'll post those pics when the new wheels get in. But they are singlespeed wheels with a coaster brake (you pedal backwards to stop). And there arent anyother brakes on it so it has that clean brakeless fixie look while having safety. I'm very pleased with how it all turned out and I'll show you all pics of the complete bike when we get the new wheels on.

Dont forget, I can do the same thing for you. Just let me know what frame and wheels you have and I'll put it all together at a fair price and you'll be riding in style!!!

Thanks, keep checking back and keep on riding!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another happy customer.....

This is from a few weeks ago. A customer dropped off his Nishiki road bike that he had bought but wanted to make sure that everything was in working order. So he asked me to give it a full tune up and cut down the handlebars into Bullhorn bars and retape them. The bike was in great shape but nonetheless, I checked all of the vital areas, put all new brake cables and housings on (as his were old and worn), cut down his bars and retaped them with nice new bar tape.
I was very pleased but more importantly he was VERY happy about how it turned out. Within 2 hours, he had his new bike back and was riding off. The pictures above are the before and after photos (the after is with the red bar tape on the bullhorns). Enjoy and I hope this makes you think about what can be done on yours!

Thanks and keep riding!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


So here it is. BJ (by Jeff) Bikes is now up and running. After trying to get a job in one of the millions of bike shops in NYC, I finally decided to just do this on my own. There are way too many shops that charge you WAY to much and don't even really tell you what's going on with your bike. So my goal is to offer excellent service and actually tell you exactly what I'm doing so that you know your bike and don't feel stranded when something happens. My offer is this; you can come to my place and I'll fix it while you wait, you can drop it off with me or I can come to you and fix it.

I worked at a bike shop in Berlin, Germany for 3 years where I worked with a master mechanic and learned the ins and outs of maintainence. My speciallty is road bikes but for the most part bikes are bikes. I have also built many bikes as well and will have pictures of those on here as well.

Being an avid cyclist myself, I ride a fixed gear as my daily ride. I do own 2 fixed gears, a beach cruiser and a road bike. I'm proud of my work and think you'll be VERY pleased as well.

Keep checking back with me to see what projects have been done and what is in the works.

Thanks and keep on biking!!!!